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Group for aging hippie, boomers, that are still fighting the good fight! We support progressive politics, religious freedom, human rights for ALL! (that means ALL humans, Right?) and just can't and won't abide bullies!

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We may be grey haired, but we were an unruly bunch in the 60's & 70's and still have something to say and much more to do.
If you can not abide a bully, If you are an advocate of human rights (all humans! alright?) and religious freedom....


A little Fine Print:

Please be free to clip and or post to the group anything that you think might be of interest. We clean house on the front page, on Fridays. Please do not be offended if you post something that gets bumped.

We keep some articles for quite a while, for the information in them. Also, will continue any article with lots of traffic for as long as it is still active. Sometimes, we get nearly duplicate subjects, then we toss a coin.

Some artlcles, that are super specific in interest, and do not get any comments for a week or so, also get bumped.

Even though our space is limited......We try to keep the group as a good starting point for conversations on the vine.

Welcome again, to Grey Boomers, Unite!